Zeus the dolphin hunts live fish for the first time after being held in captivity for about 2 years.

Zeus the dolphin hunts live fish for the first time after being held in captivity for about 2 years.

Zeus is getting better and we hope to give him a second chance to be free. He is an adult male that was illegally captured in Russia. He spent about 2 years in captivity and refused to be trained. He still has the spirit of the wild dolphin and these video of him hunting a live fish shows it. He has been forced to eat dead fish for 2 years but he never forgot how to hunt. As you can see on the video Zeus has problems with his spine. It gets only worse because he refuses to swim in the small space. He is just floating and looking towards the open sea. He never looks in other directions. He wants to go home. Right now we are trying to find bigger space for Zeus so he would have the ability to swim in the straight line. The exercise will help his spine. We have to continue feed him with live fish so he could recover his hunting skills.

Please help us save Zeus. He has been through hell because of human greed. 
Last week we bought live fish for Zeus. It cost 2860 rubles (36$). That was only enough for one day. We have to keep on going with live fish for Zeus. It’s crucial for his rehabilitation process. Please help us rehabilitate and release Zeus. Even small donations are greatly appreciated.

Please send your donations to our Paypal account: savedolphinsrus@gmail.com

We will start collecting donations through our website SaveDolphins.net once we register our organization as non-profit in Russia.

For those who don’t know Zeus’s story: 
About 2 years ago 2 bottlenose dolphins — Zeus and Delfa, were captured illegally in Black Sea in Russia. They were sold to be enslaved by humans.

In the summer of 2015 Zeus and Delfa along with beluga whale Platon had been used in a temporary dolphinarium at Izmailovsky park in Moscow. When the summer was over dolphinarium stopped working and dolphins disappeared.

In November 2015 our Russian based group SaveDolphins found out about 2 dolphins that were kept in the silo pit on the dairy farm in Krasnodar district. They were Delfa and Zeus.

Read the full story how we saved abandoned dolphins in Russia here: https://dolphinproject.net/blog/post/how-we-saved-abandoned-dolphins-in-russia/


We managed to get Zeus and Delfa out of the dirty hole on the dairy farm, but they were in really bad conditions by that time.

Both dolphins showed signs of starvation and had twisted spines (scoliosis).

On December 21 Delfa passed away. She is our angel now. 
We decided that our future Marine Mammal Protection Foundation (which we are registering right now in Russia) will be named in memory of Delfa.

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