The Dark Secrets Surrounding Dolphins

Part 1 — Swimming With Dolphins.

The documentary was made on the basis of the research of publications available to the public on diseases of marine mammals and cases of transmission to people and vice versa. We’d like to say a huge thank to all our consultants and interviewees Dr. Naomi Rose — marine mammal scientist, Dr Rustam Aminov — microbiologist, Howard Garrett — orca network director, Rick Trout — former trainer, Russ Rector — former trainer, and Christopher Porter — former Trainer. The task of our film was to explain people that swimming with dolphins in captivity is not safe for the dolphins as well as for the participants. We hope the video will help people to understand what is behind the scenes of the dolphin swimming programs and act correspondingly.

Part 2 — Would Putin Save Orcas?

This video uncovers the shocking situation with cetaceans, especially killer whales, in Russia: the lack of animal protection laws, forgery of documents, corruption, and the lack of statistics.


To learn more about marine mammals captivity «crisis» in Russia go to

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